Monday, June 1, 2009

7 Plyometric Exercises For Skaters

These are a series of exercises that specifically help hockey players:

1. SPLIT JUMPS : Stand with feet as far apart as you can, front to back. Bend the front leg 90 degrees at the hip, and 90 degrees at the knee. The back knee should almost touch the ground. Jump up and switch leg positions. Land and jump right away to the original position. Repeat 10 times.

2. LATERAL BOUNDS: Stand with feet together and knees slightly bent. Bound sideways to your right by reaching out with the right leg as you push with the left. Land on the right foot. The left foot follows and lands in the original position. Repeat 10 times to the right and then reverse it and bound 10 times to the left, pushing with the right leg. Be careful to move sideways and use the muscles on the sides of hips for propulsion.

3. PIKE JUMPS: Start with feet shoulder width apart. Jump up and lift the legs up and out to each side. Try to touch your toes at the height of each jump. Try to keep your legs straight. Repeat 10 times.

4. SQUAT JUMPS WITH 360: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and jump. While in the air, turn a complete revolution so that you land in the original position. Immediately jump again and turn a complete revolution the opposite way and land in your original position. You can use the same arm positions as your jumps on the ice. Repeat 10 times.

5. ONE FOOT ZIG-ZAG: Draw or tape 2 parallel lines 3 feet apart and about 30 feet long. Balance on one foot on one of the lines. Jump from one line to the other with the same foot in a continuous forward motion. Do not double-hop. Try to get 10 foot touches the length of the line. Then turn around and get 10 foot touches back with the other leg.

6. CALF PLYOS: Balance on the ball of one foot. Hop in place on that one foot propelling yourself upward with the calf and not the thigh. Don’t let your heel touch the ground. Try 30 continuously before switching to the other leg.

7. PLYO PUSH UPS: In regular push up position, with hands wider than shoulders, touch your chest to the floor and powerfully extend your arms. At the height of the motion, switch your hands to a narrow "stance", thumb to thumb and forefinger to forefinger. Touch your chest to this little "window" on the ground, and powerfully extend your arms again. While in the air switch to the original wide position. Repeat 10 times.

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