Friday, May 22, 2009

Developing Expectational Performance

Here is the second part of Ryan Walter's e-mail blast from yesterday.

Developing Expectational Performance

Create the win in your mind's eye

During the 1999 World Championships of Hockey, Canada and the Czech Republic were tied at the end of regulation play. Under the tournament format, the two teams would next compete in a ‘shoot out' to decide the winner of the game. The shoot out consisted of five players from one team moving in from the red line one at a time, trying to score on the other team's goalie. The opposing team would also get their shots and the team with the most goals would then win the game.

The two teams involved had very different attitudes towards the impending shoot out, and expressed these views publicly. Team Canada goaltender Ron Tugnutt said later, "The thought of a shoot out had been going through my mind for the last five days. My worst nightmare had come true."

Conversely, Radik Dvorak, of the Czech Republic team, was on record as saying that he had been looking forward to the shoot out. "We wanted to go to penalty shots, because it is our best chance. We can score goals on penalty shots; many guys can."

Can you guess the outcome? The Czech Republic won the shoot out, and enjoyed every minute of it. Winning mental expectations are crucial to a winning performance.

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