Wednesday, May 20, 2009

11 Winning Mental Attitudes for Hockey - Part 2

Psychologists have identified eleven mental attitudes that have a direct bearing on success in athletics whether an athlete becomes an all-star or also-ran depends on what’s in his head and heart

Winners tend to enjoy the role of leader. When leadership is reached, they step forward and take charge. They are dynamic people who like to influence others and take control of situations.

Winners accept total responsibility for their actions. They admit errors and will not blame other or makes excuses. They recognize their own mistakes and the need for change and improvement.

Determination make winners. The refusal to quit or accept defeat the persistence to try and try again, the willingness to practice long and hard. Determined athletes are relentless in their efforts to improve and to win.

Winners make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen. They take charge, force actions, and produce results. They assert themselves strongly, make their presence felt. They thrive on competition.

Desire provides the drive that carries an athlete to success. Dedicated athletes have strong desire to improve, to compete, and to win. No one gets to be best without a burning desire to do the best.

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