Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carlyle keeps Ducks players loose as they face elimination

Interesting approach to game 6 by the Ducks coach playing small games on Monday. Read below for more we will see if it works.

As the Ducks took the ice for practice Monday, Carlyle had his players reverse the way in which they normally hold their hockey sticks. Righties became lefties and vice versa as multiple pucks where thrown into play for a series of scrimmages around the rink.

"I didn't think it was a day where you want to come to work and drag your knuckles and say here we go again," explained Carlyle, a Norris Trophy winning defenceman during his 18-year NHL career.The plan was to take some playoff tension out of the air.

"You can see a lot of smiles on faces and a much lighter approach to practice," said Carlyle. "Turn the page and you start to feel good about being at the rink."

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